Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Best excuse yet on not voting for a Referendum

John Hayes MP, Minister of State at the BIS has come up with what must be the best excuse yet as to why he clung to his job on the slippery pole rather than support the motion for an EU referendum this week. Writing in his local paper the Lincolnshire Free Press he said,
For me this motion simply wasn’t Euro sceptic enough

Absolutely nothing to do with your job then was it John, nothing at all.

Redundent plastic Eurosceptic. Hypocrite and slug

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Edward Spalton said...

There is always something topical in Gilbert & Sullivan, if you look for it. I used this in writing about a Derbyshire "Europlastic" MP who voted against the referendum

"You supple MPs who go down on your knees,
Your precious identity sinking,
Who vote black or white as your leaders indite,
(which saves you the trouble of thinking).

For your country's good fame, her repute or her shame,
You don't give the snuff of a candle -
But you're paid for your game when you're told that your name
Will be graced by a baronet's handle"

Of course, they don't make baronets now which is why the Lords is so overstuffed with Tony's cronies and Cameron's creatures. But whether the ambition is for a peerage or just to be called "Minister, Gilbert goes on
"Oh! Allow me to offer a word of advice-
The title's uncommonly dear at the price."
(from "Ruddigore")