Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The sound of silence does not indicate support Mr Laitenberger

he carnival of delusion that is the Europrean elite's grasp of the realities of the European Crisis has been highlighted yet again.

In one of those classic 'Brussels talking to Brussels' events at the European Policy Centre Barosso's Chef de Cabinet Johannes Laitenberger has gone down a storm. And he has made it clear that there is no reason to panic, the project is on track, everything will be fine. And how does he know this? He knows this because the silent majority has been speaking has been speaking to him (we know not how)... maybe he hears voices (or worse believes what he reads in Eurobarometre).
"The first and best ally that we have in all of this is the silent majority who too often is drowned out by a very vocal minority of sceptics and critics but which is much more solid than we care to think,"...
And how is this silent majority composed?
"I am very confident that there are enough people, enough institutions, enough forces, that can be mobilised. You sense that the tide is turning. Many people who at the beginning of the discussion did not raise their voices are more forceful, more decisive and saying more clearly what needs to be done."
Oh yes, institutions, they are already on your side. You must be tone deaf if you don't know that. And the idea that you could mobilise anything, for crying out loud, what? Where?

Today the only people mobilised are the poor masses in Greece, and I doubt that they will be coming to your aid.

Oh but what if, Mr Laitenburger, just what if that silent majority has finally had it up to here with the undemocratic, aloof behaviour of you and those like you? What if what we are seeing is indeed the wakening of the general public, but as they wake from their subsidy induced torpor it isn't you that they support? They do not look at your minority interest as their own, but instead cleave as they always have to their own countries, to their own lands?

What then?

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Avril said...

They do say you don't hear the bullet that kills you.
That silent majority may well be the death of him.
Ok, well, we can hope can't we?