Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Questions to which the answer is NO (version 377)

This one from that propaganda money pit that is EuroparlTV
The News: Will the next Steve Jobs be European?
Rather delightfully and with no sense of irony at all, they speak to an Alzhiemers research scientist (obviously the sort of work that is going to become a global science business phenominum) who, while pro research in the EU is rather diplomatic about the temptation to work outwith the failing superstate, by referring to a
"better quality of environment for the scientist"
(read better pay and conditions/less bureacracy/more freedom to work etc.

The point is that of course it wasn't the science, but the marketing that made Jobs such a success, and a pro business environment.


Anonymous said...


Hi Gawain, I love reading your blog because it has very interesting topics.

Anonymous said...

According to the excellent "Europe on 387m A day" (free pdf: http://tinyurl.com/figg387 ), 400,000 of
America’s one million scientists were born in the EU. #braindrain


TigerEyes said...

Do you know that the man who designed all those iGadgets with which you fiddle and fondle were designed by a European - and a British European to boot


And the Central Processing Unit (CPU) in all those fiddlephones and fondleslabs you crave are designed and licensed by a £4b European company - goodness its also British


And lets not forget who invented the Web, yet another European - and another Brit to boot