Thursday, October 20, 2011

Galileo launch delayed

The launch of that famous flying pig, naty heard of platinum pigs that is the European satelite system, has been delayed according to information that comes to me,
The launch of the two first satellites of Galileo Programme has been postponed for 24 hours

For technical reasons, the launch of the two first satellites of the Galileo Programme from Kourou has been postponed for 24 hours.

The launch is now foreseen tomorrow Friday 21st October at 12h30 CET.
Not weather note, but tech issues.

However this hasn't in any way stopped the celebrations,
Welcome to the Galileo Drawing Competition – this is your chance to have a Galileo Programme Satellite named after you and launched into Space!

To enter the competition you will create a picture that represents ‘Space and Aeronautics’ This includes things like stars, rockets, planets and satellites. What else can you think of that is in Space?

You can create your picture using any drawing, painting, or colouring technique that you like. You can use all sorts of materials like paints, felt tips, pencils, glue, glitter. The main thing is that you use a big dollop of imagination!
Yippee, the EU is so generous

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