Monday, July 18, 2011

StonyStandoff gets funnier

The whole carry on at Stony Stratford viz Councillor Bartlet's attempted smoking ban now gets preposterous.

he is trying to have tomorrow's meeting postponed to September out of his fears that his opponenets (that means us) are not ready for the debate. According to the MK News,
Councillor Paul Bartlett was planning to postpone his motion as he believes his opponents' arguments are 'flimsy' and they need more time to prepare.

Stony Stratford Town Council has now confirmed the discussion will not take place at tomorrow night's meeting, and has been moved to September 20.
That'll be the reason Councillor Bartlett. But don't act all shy, don't be nice, if we are unprepared, wghy not strike home your advantage?

Or are you having a fit of the wobbles knowing as surely you must now know that your proposals are deeply unpopular with both the residents of Stony and its buisness community?

Given the wild range of extremely iffy claims you have made,
Stony Stratford Town Council does not condone smoking and the health risks associated with it. This Council seeks to reduce the amount of litter in our streets and to protect our historic town from germs, general nuisance and the possibility of young people in particular being burnt by cigarettes.
Stony Stratford Town Council wishes to encourage all businesses in the town and, in doing so, to recognize the leading role they and residents can play in preventing the spread of disease, injury, litter, smoke, illnesses such as asthma, lung cancer and the narrowing of arteries, heart disease and its unpleasant other side effects and including the impact discarded cigarettes have on residents of Market Sq and High St in particular and children who have to put up with this 24hrs a day.
I suspect that it is not us who are unprepared.


dunhillbabe said...

I think it's very sporting of him. Really , we should have done the decent thing in WW2, waited till HH had got himself out of the mess on the Russian front, regrouped, and been in a better position to give us a right pasting....

andy said...

Ha!This is great!,A member of the self appointed,self righteous finally getting a bucket full of ice cold reality down the back of the neck.


This is the way that these scum steal power,a little here a little there,we obviously need a new mega burns unit,to cope with all these poor children who suffer daily torment,maybe the eussr could extort some more money from us for this purpose.clearly this creature is unhinged.