Friday, July 15, 2011

If Somaliland is an "Island of Stability" why don't we recognise it?

The Foreign Secretary has been bimbling around the Horn of Africa, mainly to turn up at the jamboree that was the Independence day celebrations of Southern Sudan. He also says here that he met the President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud.

As he says it is one of the "Islands of stability and order" in the area. So why on earth is he celebrating the Independence of Southern Sudan, which does not fulfil;l; the criteria set by the African Union for sovereign state status (the pre colonial borders) and failing to do so for Somaliland?

Britain should take the lead, if we accept, as we do the remarkable and peaceful existence of Somaliland over the past 20 years, why on earth do we not go the extra mile to support their accession to the Commonwealth. After all as a former British protectorate they have more right to be there than Mozambique or Rwanda?


Mukhtaar said...

Somaliland has goats, but not oil. Politicians only follow after business people and never ever have their own initiatives.

To be fair to South Sudan, they welcomed the Somaliland delegates with respect and dignity unlike African Union dictators and Hague who meets them in dark rooms.

Paul said...

I've thought this for years, ever since I saw a documentary on the Somalilanders. Put it this way, I'd far rather end up in Somaliland than Somalia.

Gawain Towler said...


I am pleased to hear of the reception in South Sudan, but I will be happier when we take up our own duty. I wonder if South Sudan will recognise Somaliland? After all I have heard of a number of countries saying that they will be the second to do so...