Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look at this sexy swimmer on the beach!

No really, that is the strapline for the latest EU, ho ho funny video ad. This time it is for the European Health card.

Toned bloke goes swimming on beautiful deserted beach, just ready for a perfume ad.

Toned bloke has horrid crab/jellyfish creature attach itself to his privates.

Toned bloke has European Health Card (where? up his arse crack?) Everything is fine.

But the desperation is apparent. Sex sells EU health insurance ?


Anonymous said...

Pandora's Box - A Greek Tragedy:

The Talking Clock said...

I wouldn't object to the European Union if it was just a producer of soft porn.

Maybe we should suggest that they diversify their market - move out of politics and government and just move into erotica. I could seriously like them, then!