Thursday, June 23, 2011

"improve the automaticity of decision-making"

It is a magnificent piece of jargon isn't it. But it has a serious import. What Mr Rehn our Finnish Commissioner is saying is that a system has now been created by which it is even harder for a country to block centrealised decision making.

It is all about the use of Reverse Qualified Majority Voting, which now formalised is a significant increase in power for the Commission and the European Union's bureacratic centre.

Back in September when I first highlighted this constitutional innovation my respected interlocutor Ralph Grahn suggested the following,
However, the scope of these proposals seem to be limited to the eurozone, which could open the road for freely cooperating nation states to agree intergovernmentally, i.e. outside the EU's institutional framework.
 Reading Rehn's speech this is no longer seems to be a matter solely for the Euro zone.

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