Monday, April 18, 2011

Pasties protected in Chişinău

Good to see that the EU carries on regardless, the latest ground breaking sucess is that Cornish Pasties are to be protected in the Former Soviet Republic of Moldova.
This agreement is a further step in strengthening our system of GIs around the world, and it also gives relations between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova a new, positive dynamic. It
Meanwhile, back on planet earth Gideon Rachman in the FT highlights a few local difficulties,
What do the following stories have in common?

1. France has started to block trains from Italy to intercept illegal migrants from North Africa.

2. A Eurosceptic party has made big gains in the Finnish general election.

3. Political squabbling in Portugal is raising doubt about the country’s ability to negotiate a bail-out.

4. There are growing demands in Greece for the country to default on its debts.

Answer: These are all symptoms of the same problem. The political understandings that underpin the EU are beginning to unravel.
Quite. Meanwhile the Eurocrats are fiddling with ensuring that in Moldova, pasties are protected.

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Anonymous said...

But surely you are not against trade and profits? If more money can be squeezed out of the Moldaves and redirected to Cornish pasty producers, is this not a good thing?