Monday, April 18, 2011

Not listening.. Nah nah nah

This is today's press briefing at teh European Commission. A series of questions go in about the situation in Finland and how this will impact upon negotiations on the Portugese bail out.

Essentially the EU will ignore the election result and just keep plodding on. At every point they stone wall, and they wriggle and wriggle.

Someone comes in rather splendidly demanding to know if the EU was happy with its program of austerity (which the EU calls fiscal conservation!) and bail outs. They are indeed happy (but in 500 words).
My favourite moment is when the spokeswoman,, Pia Ahrenkilde on being asked if the EU is listening to the messages being sent by the various people's of Europe, she came out with this,
'We are ... listening with care to the signals that they are sending,' she said, assuring reporters that the commission was pursuing 'precise policies that aim to create growth and jobs in Europe and improve the situation for all people.'
Not listening very hard I would say.

The other woman in the broadcast is Chantal Hughes, a former FCO type ( in the true foriegners office tradition take a look at this gushy article written after she transfered to the EU press service). By these we are governed.


Sue said...

Do you know, this is beginning to get infuriating. How bad does it have to get?

I'm so frustrated at their attitude. They really do just ignore what's going on...

I'm being a bit sexist here (but I'm allowed, cos I'm a wooman).

Don't you think that wimmin in power are sometimes worse than the blokes? They really do have a selection of witches in the EU, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Carry on up the EU:

Anonymous said...

Real Finland didn't obtain a majority in the Finnish election, they are not even the biggest party. Maybe they will be in the government, maybe not. The new Finnish Government will decide on its policy and then the European Commission will have to take note of it. That's democracy and normal procedure.