Wednesday, April 06, 2011

No you fools, don't make it worse

The NFU is one of those organisations that has, to put it politely lived past its sell by date. If Disreali were alive today he would be chucking his extinct volcanoes quip at them. As a voice of the establishment there is scarcely better.

So it should come as no surprise that they are desperate to foist upon us anpother unelected nannying nincompoop who can disrupt our lives from an ineffably superior position. I give you the EU's own Chief Scientific officer.
THE NFU has called on the European Commission to honour its promise to appoint a chief scientist to assist on vital decisions relating to food security and climate change...
Katy Lee, assistant director in the NFU’s Brussels office, said science was often ignored by EU policy makers and urged Mr Barroso to fill the role ‘as a matter of urgency’.

We welcomed the intention to create a chief scientific adviser back in 2009 but we are disappointed the post has still not been filled,” she said.
What the hell are they playing at, from the face of it it looks as if the EU had ditched the self agrandising idea and the morons at the NFU want to breath life into its revanent.
“We are faced with huge global challenges to feed a growing world population sustainably and it is clear that the solutions from the EU must be underpinned by sound science and not destroyed by intransigent politics.”
Stuart Agnew MEP, the UKIP Agriculture spokesman, and normally friendly towards the NFU was moved to write in their comments section,
Whilst the NFU always lobbies hard for the interests of farmers, I believe that on this issue they are attempting to shoot their members in the feet. The EU can be relied upon to engage a scientist who has fully bought into the myth of man made global warming (which is the opposite of ´sound science´) and his recommendations are likely to make life very difficult for farmers. Quotas on emissions are a real possibility, to say nothing of the red tape and record keeping that will further engulf farmers.

We had an example of EU `sound science` when they insisted on the burning of carcases of animals with Foot & Mouth Disease, not to mention a great many that did not have it. The longer this post remains vacant, the better. I will vote against any such appointment, if I get the opportunity.
No wonder the NFU are known across the country as No F  Use

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A K Haart said...

"The EU can be relied upon to engage a scientist who has fully bought into the myth of man made global warming."

Not only that, but official scientific advisers have a long history of promoting alarmist nonsense.

Too many policy-makers seem to need scientific advice on how to access scientific advice. Too few are able to apply basic scientific principles to what they are told.