Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Duff, Duffer, Duffest. Democracy a tad scary for the Lib Dems

Just listen to this. It is Andrew Duff, the senior and highly respected Lib Dem MEP from the eastern counties of England. Not only does he find it nigh on impossible to mention this country by name,
The country I know best
But worse he wants to ban referenda on European matters,
"The fact that Referenda are prohibited from being used to ratify European Union Treaty changes does also seem to be to be a constructive step"
Now I wonder why he would think that?


Anonymous said...

The Future is a Foreign Country....

Anonymous said...

his politics might be corrupt but credit to the man for not allowing his stammer to hold him back.

Allah's Willing Executioners said...

British disco victim murdered by members of Turk-Arab bouncer Gang

FRANKFURT/MAIN – The two men who stand under suspicion of murder a British citizen on Easter Monday in the Frankfurt Disco U60311, are the police known members of a local Turk-Arab bouncer Gang, Ömer H. (29) and Antanasios G. (35). Especially one of the two is feared as a brutal bat, he is particularly conspicuous by the tattoos on his head and neck (Photo). This is previously withheld by the German media.
How insider of the Frankfurt disco scene now say, the two offenders and other gang members can be seen in the below video of the Arab hate-rapper “Haftbefehl (arrest)”.
Meanwhile, new details have become known over the committed crime. The bouncers had attacked the British for no apparent reason. According to witness statements, one of the bouncer held the man while the other beaten on him; one of them is a Boxer. They beating him with a quartz sand-filled glove, what explains the very serious internal injuries of the victim. The witness said, that the victim had no chance!
The U60311 has a dubious reputation in the Frankfurt Disco scene. After police knowledge, there has been repeated personal injury and drug sales around the club in the past.
The Disco U60311, which was closed after the brutal murder has reopened yesterday – the party can go on.

ukipwebmaster said...

Happy Europe day: