Monday, April 04, 2011

Category mistake

The latest Cuts Index, conducted by ComRes and to be broadcast on ITV News at Ten, shows nearly two thirds of the population (59%) fear that Government spending cuts will cause moderate (38%) or significant hardship (21%). 58% think that quality of life of locals in their area will suffer as a result of spending cuts.

Of course, if you are asked if the cuts are going to cause hardship then you are likely to look at the question and say yes. People will loose their jobs. This they will cause hardship.

But if the question was slightly different. Such as:
Mass overspending by this and the previous government is driving the country into penury and therefore certain people, most likely local council climate Change officers may well find themselves unemployed.
Do you think that the hardships likely to be faced in the coming years will be made less awful by swifter cutting now?

I wonder what the answer would be?

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Xopher said...

It's just like polls for ASH when they commission (pay with Government funding) YouGov to do a survey. Their trustee Peter Kneller, who happpens to be president of YouGov, obliges ..... why bother with a poll ...the result is guaranteed.