Sunday, March 20, 2011

A thing of beauty is a joy to behold

Spotted this on a Trend an Azeri newswire (as you do)
EU allocates 3 million euros for return Georgian citizens illegally residing in EU countries
As an EU project it is almost perfect.
The EU has allocated 3 million euros for the project that will cover three main areas: first, strengthening the capacity of the legal framework on migration, which includes the establishment of employment and consulting centers, development of textbooks and sharing experiences; second - assistance to migrants, which provides for their professional skills, consulting in the field of employment, assistance at the beginning of a small business, medical care and temporary shelter assistance.

The third direction stipulates the organization of information campaigns on legal migration opportunities and risks of irregular migration
So follow this. Georgia allows its people to move to the EU illegally. As a reward the EU gives them money, to take them back and train them to come to Europe legally.

It is a piece of staggering genius.

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