Monday, March 14, 2011

Of what is UKIP intolerant?

An article in the Independent last week got me a little riled. In it John Lichfield tried to associate the French hard right with UKIP,
Marine Le Pen is an effective and likeable spokeswoman for a new strain of moderate intolerance – white collar rather than blue collar; educated, not just ignorant; Ukip not just BNP
My ripost is published today,
John Lichfield (10 March) describes Ukip as moderately intolerant; how quaint. We are intolerant, but not in the way he suggests. We are intolerant of the way successive governments have sold this country down the river without ever asking our permission. We are intolerant of foreign-born judges overturning British law. We are intolerant of an elite who care not a jot for the views and wishes of a majority of the electorate. We are not however intolerant of people, whoever they are, and wherever they are from.

I suppose we should be just happy that he no longer thinks we are ignorant.

Gawain Towler

UK Independence Party,
Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group,
Newton Abbot, Devon
Of course the letter is titled, Ukip: proud to be intolerant, which I guess I should have expected. But it puts me in mind of Barry Goldwater.

OK, that is a bit of a stretch

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