Monday, March 21, 2011

MSM catch up

Everybody likes to point to out when people follow a story, so here is my tupp'enth.

Here is the

Daily Express front page today
BRUSSELS will attempt to "rig" any referendum asking the British people if they want to quit the EU, it emerged last night.
It would unleash a multi-million pound pro-Europe propaganda campaign – and get UK taxpayers to pick up the bill.
Details of the plot come as support grows for the Daily Express crusade for Britain to pull out of the EU.
Controversial new rules mean that European political parties can use public cash to publicise their campaigns in referendums in any member country.
Critics said the “outrageous” move would allow MEPs to spend tens of millions of pounds on trying to convince Britons that the UK should stay in Europe.
And here is England Expects last Tuesday,
They are changing the rules on political funding in Brussels to ensure that your money can be spent on running campaigns in any future EU referendum,
Ho Hum


Anonymous said...

It will be like the Irish vote. If they don't get it right the first time, ballots will be shredded and they'll have to vote a second (third, fourth, fifth, etc.) time, until enough people give required results.

Edward Spalton said...

They could do the rigging and keep it mostly below the radar. The EU funds many organisations generously. To take just three, there are Oxfam, World Wildlife Fund and Friends of the Earth.

Interestingly enough all three follow the official line on global warming and propagandise like mad about it - even though the theory about CO2 has been busted for years now. The deal seems to be "You tell people what we want them to hear and we will give you lots of other people's money".
These charities are well loved and supported by hundreds of thousands of bona fide supporters who think they are solely to do with their charitable objectives. Yet Oxfam staff provide back-up for "climate protesters" at power stations and World Wildlife Fund is trying to set up a huge "carbon trading" scam, based on the carbon absorption of tropical forests.

There are hundreds of smaller, dodgy charities which are officially deniable, "arm's length" spokesmen for the EU and HM Government projects in one way or another. Regional Quangos and "partnerships" are awash with government and EU money and know which side their bread is buttered.

Then there are the Private Finance Initiative companies who make their money out of the "market" in public services which has been opened up by EU policy and directives.

The trade union movement receives millions of government money, allegedly to help them to "modernise" - something which any organisation has to do anyway - but the cash gets recycled to the Labour Party as political contributions. In any other walk of life this sort of thing would be called money laundering and probably be criminal - but it's not when it's politics.

Sadly, those demanding a referendum have not done the slightest groundwork to quantify the likely forces against them, nor to set their own order of battle.

Julia Gasper said...

Hallo Edward. Please can you give me some sources for the EU funding of Oxfam, Friends of the Earth and World Wildlife Fund? How much money is paid from what departments with whose authorization, how often - and how long has this been going on? While I'm not doubting what you say, I would like to investigate further and be able to reply to anyone who challenged the assertion.