Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Moneyball: I wannna get on TV... not fair

Poor Hairy, poor poor Hairy, she really does feel that she should be listened to.
The truth is the British media seems to be dominated by the likes of Nigel Farage, who comes across as media friendly and provides good TV. The Boris Johnson of Europe I Suppose. How many times has the Labour leader in Europe, or the Conservative for that matter, appeared on Question Time? They haven’t. But Farage who isn’t a member of a mainstream political party in this country receives disproportionate coverage precisely because he’s considered to be so entertaining.

Cripes. Doesn't she realise that TV is, in part at least about entertainment. Doesn't she realise the reason that Farage gets more coverage than all the other MEPs put together is that he is both entertaining and that he represents a significant section of the public that otherwise stuggles to get heard. There are dozens of Labour, Tory and Lib Dem politicians who get coverage in the mainstream media. Indeed I never heard Ms. Moneyball complaining when Caroline Lucas gets plenty of coverage (both when she was an MEP and now she is teh sole Green MP). In fact UKIP get far less coverage than their electoral percentage should allow. We picked up 3.5% of the national vote in last years elections. Under strick proportionality that would suggest that UKIP should get onto say 3% of the time. UKIP gets 2 Question Times a year, we should get about 5 or 6 spots over the year. So it isn't actually about that is it?

No it is that she has still to get over the fact that at the European elections UKIP beat the Labour Party. Remember what she had to say at the time,
Yesterday UKRep, the UK Permanent Representation to the European Union, held their traditional reception to welcome British MEPs to the European Parliament.It was, for me, a deeply depressing experience.  Not only were most of the UKIP MEPs present; they were also accompanied by young women in fairly flimsy purple dresses. 
 Those dresses were, of course, "indicative of UKIP’s undisguised sexism". Her post then and her whining article today are indicative of her own undisguised dullness and shrillness.

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