Monday, March 07, 2011

Lord Tebbitt answers his own question.

I understand where Lord Tebbitt is coming from in his blog today.
The Conservative Party is my Party. I joined it 65 years ago, long before Finklestein and Cameron were born. I do not see why such recent arrivals in the Party, unable to accept its culture, should push Conservatives like me out.
I used to feel that about the Tory party, and I still feel that way with teh Church of England. But when it comes to politics I think he is wrong.

What is more looking at what he says next I think he thinks he is wrong too.
As albeinstein put it, either I, or Cameron is in the wrong party, but he happens to be the leader.
Yes Lord Tebbitt, he is the leader, that is what your party is, whether you like it or not. Your other comment is, and it is odd to use this word in reference to you, rather pathetic.
Of course I understand why many former Conservative voters like David Page now vote UKIP and defectors like him strengthen the hands of me and my friends who are trying to put the Party back on track.
You sound like thjose people you know to be dishonest or delusional when they talk abou the EU itself. You know the ones, the ones who say that Britain will go to Brussels and reform itt, from the inside. With the best will in the world they know it isn't going to happen, you know it isn't going to happen, and of course the European Commidssion knows it is not going to happen. But whilst the British political class keep repeating it, and serious change in our relationship with the EU is fatally undermined.

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