Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lib Dem accuses electorate of being "smug, superior and disdainful"!

Which is a bit rich coming from a Lib Dem. Odly enough I am not sure which Lib Dem has said this, bevcause if I look at this website, it is definitely Chris Davies their MEP for the North West, but if I look at this website it is one Richard Marbrow, but I digress.

Fell running Chris is having a go at people who fail to vote. And yes I can understand the frustration. He works away year on year on matters which to him are of paramount importance and the general response to all his efforts is,
"Nah, not interested mate".
But Chris cannot get over himself,
In their arrogance they express the view that politics and politicians are simply beneath them. Some simply have no appreciation of the idea that anyone could be motivated by concepts of public service, or by a desire to achieve change for the greater good, probably because the thought of doing the same has never crossed their minds.
Who is the arrogant one here? The one who doesn't want to vote, or the one that feels that if someone doesn't want to vote they have never wanted to make a better world or been driven to do something in public service.

My public service is the only public service what you, the millions who don't vote do to help their friends and communities is beneatrh my well larded contempt.

Oh the arrogance.


derek.buxton1 said...

There are none so arrogant as an MP...except an MEP. "Public Service" he is of course using that term in the Orwellian sense. When he does it for nothing, I may just believe him but with the pay and perks he cannot claim do be better than anyone else. In fact of course, he performs no "service" whatsoever to the public, only to his great god the EU.

Richard Marbrow said...

Just to clarify for you, the material is entirely written by Chris and I just post it on the website for him.

Regardless, I agree with every word he said.

Gawain Towler said...


Thanks for the clarification, just a tad confusing.