Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Latest EU Non Job: Goodwill Ambassador against hunger

Hristo Stoichkov, was a great footballer. Indeed I am sure that from time to time people would write about him that he was full of hunger. Which of course qualifies him for this,

European Commission (EC) President José Barroso and European humanitarian aid commissioner Kristalina Georgieva have held a meeting with Bulgarian football legend Hristo Stoichkov, who was appointed by the EC as a Goodwill Ambassador against hunger,

And it appears that the great player has lost none of his media savvy approach,

"I am very happy to be here with Europe's top commissioner (Georgieva). When I entered the headquarters of the building, I was told she was at the eighth floor. Which is great, because that's my number," Stoichkov said.

We have put in the following question.

How much will the post of EC Goodwill Ambassador against Hunger awarded to Hristo Stoichkov on March 1st 2011 cost.

A) In terms of the event appointing him,

B) In funding his him in his duties (including provision of office costs)

Will The Commission provide a breakdown of the expected scope of his role, and a list of those places he will visit in the performance of his duties.

Will the Commission state if the Goodwill Ambassador will be accompanied by Commission staff (either permanent or contracted by the Commission to provide communications expertise?

What specific targets is the Goodwill Ambassador set?
How will the success or failure of his role be judged?

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Xopher said...

I never saw that advertised at my local jobcentre!