Monday, March 28, 2011

Chocolate cakes for everyone

Here we go again. The car, after maybe electricity has been the key driver of mankind's emancipation. So it should be no surprise that the EU wants to ban it.

This is what the EU is trying to do, whilst spending 2.5 trillion Euros of our cash,
Its key goals by 2050 are:

* No more conventionally fuelled cars in cities;

* 40% use of sustainable low-carbon fuels in aviation; at least a 40% cut in shipping emissions;

* A 50% shift of medium distance inter-city passenger and freight journeys from road to rail and waterborne transport.
As Christopher Monckton puts it,
"They want to ban cars from cities, they want to force everybody on to rail and canals - it is as if they have been taken over by the shade of the Victorian engineers.

"Of course they also want to 'move close to zero fatalities in road transport' - and of course if they ban vehicles they may go some way to achieve this - but at what cost to liberty and freedom?"

"They may as well call for an end to wars and large subsidised chocolate cakes for pre-school infants."

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