Saturday, February 19, 2011

Upset for rent seeking solar freeloaders

How sad was I to read this story in the Lincolnshire Echo,
FRUSTRATED eco-developers aiming to build the UK's biggest solar farm say they face a race against time to save the £8.5 million project.
Stow firm FreeWatt has submitted plans for a 14,544-panel solar field at its Danes Farm headquarters.
If approved, 80 per cent of the income when operating would be expected to come from Government subsidies under the feed-in tariffs scheme.
It is instructive to note the name of this scam, F(r)eeWatt (complete with that oh so old fashioned cap in the midst of the word). Free for whom precisely.

Free in the sense that everybody who pays for electricity has to pay more to give these people almost their entire costs and furnishes them with false profits.

The fact that there has been a review of this project, it is merely to stop monster freeloaders and wannabe fat envirocrats like this. The amount of money leached of the taxpayer to fund this Government's mad obsession with climate change will not be reduced at all.


Ray said...

'FeeWatt' - apposite typo

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