Friday, February 18, 2011

Now the Dutch begin to grow some

Being reported in the Dutch English language press is a heartening sign that rebellion against further integration is growing across the continent.

Dutch news puts it this way,
MPs on Thursday night backed a motion calling on prime minister Mark Rutte to distance himself from any moves towards further unification in Europe, the Volkskrant reports on Friday.
Radio Netherlands puts it like this,
Parliament has adopted a motion which calls on the cabinet to "emphatically reject" any move towards greater European political union. The Netherlands is to retain control over issues such as pensions, taxes and wages.

The motion came after Germany and France recently submitted proposals aimed at giving the European Union more control over the economic policies of its member states.

The parliamentary parties fear that the two countries are using increased coordination of European economic policies as a pretext for achieving greater political union.

Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager had advised parliament against adopting the motion as it limits the cabinet's room for manoeuvre.
Sadly my Dutch is not up to translating the detail, but for what it is worth here it is.

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