Monday, February 28, 2011

Lord Carlisle wishes upon a star - or reform of the ECHR

Talking to Civitas today, Lord Carlisle QC has said, in reference to the European Court of Human Rights,
 "I don't think that the European Convention and this whole approach to human rights will endure in this country if we do not tackle the systemic problems we face.

"My first choice would be, at least as part of it, to say 'Let's reform the convention.

"Let's say to all the countries involved, this is not working any better for you than it is for us.'

"We can have a quality-assured system which is returned home to the member countries.
He went on to attack the quality of judges at the ECHR,
"not only have next to no judicial experience, but do not have the experience, even if they have judicial experience, that befits them to be in the superior appellate court".
Interestingly he didn't go on to say what his second choice would be, given that his first choice, the UK goes and gets all 42 countries to agree to reform isn't going to happen in the next millenium. So what will it be Lord Carlisle, just go along with it, shrugging your shoulders saying "Well at least we tried"?

Or will you advocate withdrawal?

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