Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Farage enters the Mumsnet bearpit

It used to be that the Oxford Union was the quickening ground for politicians. Today it is a cosy little webschat at Mumsnet Towers.

Gordon Brown came out far worse for wear when he refused to answer which biscuit he preferred (I always thought it was Bourbon biscuits - thoughts of 1789 caused him to stumble). David Cameron had techy issues that caused consternation.

Thursday is Nigel Farage's turn.

So tune in at 1pm, on the 24th. Could be fun.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, what a nice open minded non judgemental friendly bunch they seem.

Gawain Towler said...


I am rather amused by the asumption that if you don't hate Farage you aren't really a Mumsnetter...

Anonymous said...

I was rather amused by the blank posts, a sort of huffy "well I'm not talking to you so there" situation.
That's big of them isn't it?

I have joined heaven help me, goodness knows what will happen if they find out I voted for UKIP in the last election. I shall expect flaming torches and a dunking in the local pond at the very least.

Gawain Towler said...

Ms Lifeboats,

Oh blank spaces, such a statement. The bigotry of received opinion spills over in playground games.

As I said, it should be fun, after all, I somehow don't see Farago being anything other than himself.

Paul said...

Good on Farage. Go get 'em.

He'll probably need a pint or two after that lot and he won't be the only one.