Friday, February 25, 2011

Blesssed are the tax inspectors

In an incohate expression of impotence the general secretary the EU's uber UNISON, the EPSU, Carola Fischbach-Pyttel has demanded that the EU bring back red blooded socialism, and if necessary impose it on national governments.

She is echoed by the increasingly irrellevant John Monks with this very odd comment,
"the current economic governance is not leading to more political governance".

Eh? John, What's that supposed to mean?

But the EPSU brought forward a range of people who they feel will have traction in public sympathy. You know, those dedicated public servants who work all hours in blood, sweat, ash and tears,
"Our fears are that the single-minded focus on competiveness is going to be achieved by cutting public sector jobs and wages and those that were not responsible for the crisis will have to share a burden which they were not responsible of."

"Nurses, firefighters, tax inspectors are being asked by European institutions and national governments to tighten their belts as bankers go back to their pre-crisis level of profits."
Evincing sympathy for tax inspectors! Now that is definately a tack I haven't seen before.

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