Friday, January 14, 2011

Guardian Stable hits buffers

Bad figures across the board for newspaper sales in December but worst hit are the Guardian papers, with the daily dropping near on 12% to 264,819 and the Observer taking an even greater panning with a drop of nearly 15% to 301,457.

As the long hoped for culling of non-jobs in the public sector bearing down upon them, can these titles really survive in the current market?

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Anonymous said...

Labour councils will continue to advertise their non jobs in the Guardian. It is a form of subsidy to a Labour supporting paper.
Boy George Osborne did say, before the election, that all public sector jobs would, in future, be advertised only on the government website in order to save money.
Just another Conservative promise that has quietly been shelved. "You cannot believe a word they say." as Ian Duncan-Smith, used to tell us.