Friday, December 24, 2010

Too right wing to be a teacher, have you tried being a Conservative MP?

Having been fired for speaking out as right of centre on education, Katharine Birbalsingh is trying to find work,
‘You’ve done the unthinkable in education: you’ve sided with the Right. No one is going to touch you. No local authority, no set of governors, no head.
The educational employment consultant then goes on to tell her that she could do like bad teachers do, hide for a while and pop up later,
Failed heads who have been pushed out manage to get other headships once they’ve reinvented themselves, and so you might be able to do the same thing
The interview continued,
Hunter smiles, pushing my CV to one side. He leans towards me. ‘Have you ever thought of becoming a Conservative MP?’
I draw my eyebrows together, baffled. ‘Sorry? But I don’t want to be a politician. I’m here to talk to you about teaching. I’m a teacher! And I want a job back in the inner city!’
Hunter pulls the CV back in front of him. ‘OK then, so like I was saying, the first step is to stay quiet and to try to reinvent yourself. Play the game. Maybe then you’ll be in with a chance…’
I shake my head vigorously. ‘No I tell you! I mean, wherever I went to work I would never say anything about that particular school. I would never let anyone know what was really happening within. But I cannot stay quiet about the system. I just can’t do it!’
Hunter sighs, moving my CV to the side again. ‘Yes, well, like I was saying… Have you ever thought about becoming a Conservative MP?’
Stories like this make me want to be like Lizzie Borden and take an axe to the while educational establishment



Considering today's Tory party, Katharine B is probably too 'right wing' to be one of them too!

Anonymous said...

Why does Gove allow this sort of thing anyway? He is supposed, ohh alright he is a pretend politician, but even he should see the nonsense in this story. This is the problem with education and he is there to deal with it, or why do we pay him?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

It's because Maggie never did take an axe to the entire educational establishment, that we are where we are today.

It was her only failure, but it has meant the undoing of so much of her legacy.

TomTom said...

If Thatcher had not centralised education with National Curriculum but abolished the Whitehall control diversity might flourish in the National Education Service (TM) we have in Soviet England