Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Over 50% of failing businesses cite EU regulations as part of their downfall

Horrifying stat from the FSB in Wales this morning,
“In the EU, every year 1.7 million businesses fail and over 50% of these cite the regulatory burden as a significant factor.
Horrifying but oh so predictable. We have a regulation factory churning out rules which only succeed in throttling the life out of the businesses that create the wealth that allows organisations like the EU to survive.
In nature a successful parasite is one that weakens the defences of its host while failing to kill it. The weakening allows the parasite to propagate itself effectively.
So with tapeworm, so with the EU.

AS the FSB points out,
Mrs Jones said the EU’s economy is teeming with ‘micro’ businesses that want to grow bigger.

“Excessive red-tape and a growing skills shortage stop this from happening,” she added.

“If 50% of small businesses in the EU employed one extra person there would be an additional 10 million jobs.”

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