Thursday, December 23, 2010

Labour spots a problem

But of course they see the ripple, not the wave,
Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, commenting on speculation that former Conservative MP, Chris Patten, is set to chair the BBC Trust, said:

“We note the rumours which are circulating about favoured candidates for the chairmanship of the BBC Trust.

“At a time when the independence of the BBC is threatened by the ill concealed hostility of David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt, it is essential that the new chairman is above accusations of political bias.

“If the Conservative led government is serious about new politics, no appointment should be confirmed until the favoured candidate is scrutinised by the DCMS Select Committee.”
As I have pointed out before it is not his Tory Party affiliation that is the problem, that is after all above board and widely proclaimed and known, and will thus be easy to spot, but it is the fact that he has a pension from the EU, a pension which he could loose if he does anything that the Comission decide is harmfuil to the interests of the EU that is the problem.

Looking at the Government's attitude to this I see no desire to ensure openess,
Lord Pearson of Rannoch (UKIP)
To ask Her Majesty's Government whether they will ensure that no one in receipt of a forfeitable pension from the European Union is appointed as chairman or a trustee of the BBC.
Baroness Rawlings (Whip, House of Lords; Conservative)
Ministerial appointments to the BBC Trust are made on merit under a fair, open and transparent process which is regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments. Applications are assessed against the specific selection criteria advertised in relation to a position as and when it falls vacant.


PJH said...

"and will thus be easy t o spot, but it is the fact that he has a penbsion fronm the EU, "

I spot a keyboard problem. Perhaps the editor might consider locking the drinks cabinet in future...

banned said...

This EU pension thing has worried me for some time. It even applies when an X-EU servant returns to domestic politics when their statements and votes in Parliament might well be influenced by fear of losing their EU pension by voting 'against' the EUs interest.