Tuesday, December 07, 2010

An EU Crystal Ball

A little birdy has told me what is coming up in the European parliament for your delectation. The following Committees have just had the follwing reports sanctioned. Now tell me where lies the European Union's ambition?
- Foreign Affairs:
"EU as a global actor"
- Development:
"Future EU budget support to developing countries"
- International trade:
"EU-China unbalanced trade?"
- Econ:
"Credit rating agencies: future perspectives",
"Corporate governance in financial institutions"
"European broadband: investing in digitally driven growth"
"Absorption of structural and cohesion funds: lessons learnt fro the future EU policy"
"European cinema in digital era",
"Youth on the move: framework for improving Europe's education and training systems"
"EU internal security strategy",
"Organised crime in EU",
"harmonisation of criminal law in the EU",
"EU counter terrorism policy..."
Will people just wake up and see the scale of their desire to control our lives?


William said...

Only if you can get this list read out on X-factor or during the intermission between Corrie being blown up.

Mind even then most won't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Not untill they get the knock on the door.
After all you never know who may "denounce",you.