Monday, November 22, 2010

We will cut (non-EU) migration.. except we cannot

It isn't much of a claim, but, due to our membership of the European Union and the Corpus Juris it is the best that our benighted government can do. But it cannot even do that.

Today after a meeting in Brussels between Barosso, van Rompuy and the President of the Ukraine is Van Rumpy's statement,
I am very pleased that we can announce today an Action Plan for Ukraine towards the establishment of a visa free regime for short stay travel.
This of course fiollows hard on the heels of the EU's decision about immigration from India, also, famously not part of the European Union.

In the end it may be the case that Cameron and his government might be able to control immigration from the Islew of Man, and maybe at a push the Channel islands, but that is about it.

In the same speech, Van R also makes it clear that those clean living officials in the Ukraine will also have access to any amount of taxpayer funded EU project finance,
We have also been able to sign a Protocol to the current Partnership and Cooperation reement permitting Ukraine access to EU programmes. In practice this will allow Ukraine to benefit from EU programmes in areas such as business and entrepreneurship, information and ommunication
technology and energy.
Because they can be trusted to use our money wisely. Common William, isn't this Foriegn Affairs? Shouldn't you be saying something, or has the Cathy got your tongue?

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