Tuesday, November 02, 2010

We give development aid to them

When handing out bilateral aid alone, the biggest recipient each year since 2007 of DfID largesse has been India, in the year 2009/2010 we are talking 295 million, in Bilateral (table 9) 334 million in ODA (table 10) and so on.

Now we know we are handing all this money over to a country that has nuclear powered aircraft carriers, (whilst ours are hawked out to the French).

But did you know that they are now sending teams of explorers to the South Pole!!
Of course they are doing so for traditional reasons,
"We will conduct meteorological experiments, [and] record humidity, temperatures, wind speed and atmospheric pressures during the 20-day trip to the South Pole, and other experiments will be conducted on our way back," Mr Ravindra said.

"Everything is now linked to global warming," he added.
Well that is what the BBC quote however looking at the website of the expedition,
The team will conduct studies on atmosphere aerosol and snow chemistry, the glacial dynamics, the metrological, geomagnetic and glacial landforms along the way.

HT Biased BBC

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