Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Salmond's Green Ambitions reduce to 'only' £70 million

Alex Salmond's Scottish executive have in the past announced that they could get to 100% renewable energy, or at the very least 80% by 2020.

So today's climbdown from his hoped for £380 million Green investment bank to a £70 million bung to shipyards I suppose should be welcomed. It is of course still £70 million too much of course.
He said the £70m fund would help "leverage" further private funding for ports at Leith in Edinburgh and Dundee, and fabrication yards at Nigg near Inverness and Methil in Fife, which are among the sites most likely to win support from the fund.

It would allow Scotland to create around £7bn and 28,000 jobs from green energy over the next decade, but business leaders and banks have warned the UK's facilities are too poor and fragmented.
Looks to me like State Aid and must be questionable in that extent. And anyhow what is odd to me is that if he truely believes that his £70 million will create £7 billion or 28,000 jobs (or £250,000 per job) then why on earth isn't the private sector invresting in what is after all a 10 fold increase on investment?

Or is he talking bosh again. I mean it must be as much bosh as saying 80% of energy or (100% remember) can be produced by renewables in the next 9 years.

Even in Scotland it doesn't blow every day, and half the time it does it blows tooo hard for wind slicers.

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