Thursday, November 25, 2010

Now pop pickers : Does the EU think it is Fluff Freeman FFS?

Not content in funding film prizes and literature prizes, and journalism prizes and...

Now I learn that the nincompoops are funding a pop prize. Trendily called the EBBAs (no doubt because any credibility the EU has is Ebbing away) this is an award to celebrate "success in reaching audiences outside their own country".

In the case of the UK nomination, Mumford and Sons, fine act though they are, are hardly struggling with 700,000 fans on their facebook page. Isn't this a breach of competition law. I didn't know that Island Records was a failing corporation:

Look, I have said it before and I say it again. It is not the business for the EU (or any other state, crypto-state, exo-state or whatever) to be creating this sort of prize. No business at all.

It smacks of approved, licensed politically approved art and it is wrong.

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And it is the only way the euro-fascist can pretend that we are all european.