Monday, November 29, 2010

Leaf it alone

And so, in a decision certain to gain headlines the Nissan Leaf has won the European car of the Year award.
The press release from Nissan highlights why this is so important
Beating forty ‘traditional' combustion-engined cars to the crown, Nissan's LEAF, the world's first 100% electric family car has landed the scoop of the motoring decade in a seismic step-change for the motor industry. The award for the revolutionary LEAF, to be produced at Britain's biggest car  factory in Sunderland from 2013, and hitting the roads in March 2011 signals a watershed moment for British motorists until now unsure about the viability of electric vehicle technology.
No not that, it doesn't of course. the car doesn't go on sale until next year, so the all important, errr, sales figures don't exist. No it must be something else that is so important.
With a GBP5,000 Government incentive scheme for EVs starting in Jan 2011, a rapidly expanding charging infrastructure across the UK, and several mainstream manufacturers set to enter the electric fray next year, today's award could be the final signal the motor industry needs that the combustion engine is no longer the default choice for motorists, ending a 125 year reign of dominance
Could it be this, that the Government is going to be bribing us to buy the ruddy thing (and I weonder if this isn't questionable state aid, as the Leaf is the only mass production all electric car - but I digress) According to Nissan's own pricing structures that still makes the car £5,000 more expensive than its nearest rivals. So no it isn't that either. Aha now I see why this important,
Today marks the first day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico. High on the agenda will be alternative transport solutions to lessen worldwide CO2 emissions
That's it. It fits with the narrative.

I see Mr North has noticed this fine win for Nissan

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