Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Independence from, not Independence in

The good, moral and decent nationalists of Europe will be having a conference in the European Parliament, with their logical internal contradictions for all to see.

The title of the Conference says it all. After all there is no real independence in the European Union. What there is is the possibilitty of breaking away from a pre-existing nation state Which is fine as far as it goes, but to then become what, a subdivided region in a different nation state?

Looking at the map is instructive though of course.
In the case of France we have Bretons, Corsicans and the Langue d'Occitane types (all good lefties there)
In Italy the Lega Nord is ignored replaced by a concentration merely around Venice.

The Basque seperatists and the Catalans (again good lefties)
In Belgium we see the NVA, not the Belang. NVA good nationalists, want to stay in Europe. Vlaams Beland bad want to leave Belgium and the European Union.
And in the UK I note Plaid and the SNP, but also, look see in the bottom left hand corner Mebyon Kernow.
And then we have the Russian minority type in Latvia, represented by Tatjana Ždanoka.
Interesting how her biography on the EFA website has this,
Graduated from the Latvian State University (1972). Doctor of Mathematics in 1992.

1972-1990 - Lecturer in the Latvian State University.
1990-1993 - Member of the Supreme Council of Latvia
Whereas a little research shows us this,
Zhdanok became politically active in the late 1980s, at first a member of the Popular Front, she soon became one of the leaders of the Interfront, a political organization opposing Latvia's independence from the Soviet Union and market reforms. Prior to that, she taught mathematics at the University of Latvia, where she received her doctorate in mathematics in 1992. In 1989, she was elected to the Riga city Soviet, and in 1990, to Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR. Zhdanok was also active with the Communist Party of Latvia.
After Latvia regained independence, Zhdanok was banned from running for the Latvian parliament Saeima and deprived of her seat in Riga city council in 1999, because she had remained active in the Communist Party after the party leadership called for a coup against the elected government of the Latvian SSR in January 1991.
Just the sport of people you would like to be involved with don't you think? Indeed shouldn't somebody be asking Alex Salmond and Ieuan Wyn Jones what the hell they are doing in bed politically with somebody like that? For that matter seeing as they share a group, that bloody sanctimonious Caroline Lucas and the Greens should be asked the same question.

They sit with a woman who was part of a call to overthrow democracy, and is unrepentant. FFS.

I suppose that is what they must mean by 'Independence in', just like Latvia had under the USSR.

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