Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm not a bogeyman says Cowan

And to prove it he and his ministers are hanging onto their outriders and police protection, Via North from Bruno,
Irish ministers are so concerned over protests that austerity plans to cut chauffeur driven cars and police outriders have been shelved to protect the government amid heightened post-EU bail-out security...
“I don't accept that I'm the bogeyman,” said Mr Cowen last night, after his request for an EU bail-out was met with anger and violent scuffles between protesters and police outside government buildings.
Now it isn't up to you really what other people think of you. I don't acept that I am a swivel eyed sceptic, far from it, but others belive me to be so.
Meanwhile George Osborne shows how qualified he is for the job of Chancellor,
Mr Osborne also told Tory Eurosceptics that "'I told you so so' is not an economic policy".
No it isn't George. But there again nor is,
"I haven't a clue, here, have all the money I was planning to save. We didn't need it anyway"

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