Monday, October 18, 2010

What was that about a Non-Country?

Nigel Farage did get into trouble about being rude about Belgium. He infammously described it as a non-country.

Heis resaons where that its different tribes were unable to get on, and that they hadn't been able to sort out a Government. He was fined and it was demanded that he apologise to the poor Belgian's for this slur on their national honour.

So what is hapening in that flat damp land?
"Fabula acta est (the play is over)," N-VA leader Bart De Wever said in Latin in a reaction to the francophone side's rejection of his draft proposal.

On Sunday, De Wever's party presented a compromise proposal to form a seven-party coalition. The three French speaking parties, however, declared the document unacceptable.

Under the N-VA plans, regions would have been able to determine their own labor market police as well as have more say over the judicial system and taxation.

I am intrigued by Mr De Wever's use of Borisian Latin. Of course if he had spoken in Flemish, then the Wallons would have cried foul, if he had spoken in French his own people would have gone ballistic, iof he had spoken German the other official language nobody would have understood him and if he had spoken in English he would essentially have admitted that Farage was right.

Tough job being a Belgacist in the current climate.

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