Sunday, October 31, 2010

What is Helmer doing?

It is worth wandering over to CoHome to read Roger Helmer's posting.

It shows the knots that the University of East Anglia is tying itself into in order to defend the indefensible activities of its Climate Change Unit revealed by the leak of the Climate Change emails. And a good read it is too. But what I find even more interesting is the company that Roger is keeping in a very public way.

The two in question are Lord Monckton, and Stuart Agnew. That is the UKIP deputy leader and the local UKIP MEP. Or as Roger rather coyly puts it,
Deputy Leader of the party that came in second place in the 2009 euro-elections
I decided to invite, on my own initiative, another MEP, Stuart Agnew of Eastern Region.
Roger accuses the UAE of being the new Climate deniers, in that he has a point, but is this proximity to Ukipery, also a love that dare not speak it's name?

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