Friday, October 22, 2010

Poland takes an sharp intake of breath

Polish politicians are having to explain to their people why the bills for its Presidency of the EU next year are set to top Euro 110 million .

Not that they should worry too much, after all they are net recipients from the EU's largesse of about 5.5 billion a year.

But they better sort out the hotel rooms, after all eurocrats expect a proper standard.
Dziennik Gazeta Prawna also reports that EU diplomats who come to Poland during the country’s presidency may have a problem finding accommodation.

With only eight months to go, the Foreign Ministry has yet to chose a company which will accommodate foreign diplomats in hotels.

As many as 8,736 rooms in 23 five-star hotels, 20 four-star hotels and 2 three-star hotels in the western cities of Poznan and Wroclaw, coastal city of Sopot and the capital city of Warsaw will be needed.
B & B's it is then.

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