Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Norwich Council Terror Threat

The egregious numbnuts who populate Norwich City Council have launched a anti-terror investigation into an unnamed pub.

Using the Regulatory Investigatory Powers Act - designed to prevent us from chaps with bomb-belts they have been spying on the pub.

Why, because we are told the publican allowed people to smoke there. It used the,
Surveillance to find out if a city pub was allowing customers to flout the no-smoking ban – in return for them putting money into a fund to pay any fine which resulted if they did get caught.
Quick! Get 50 armed coppers surrounding the Old Bull and Bush, cigarettes might be lit!!! Deadly threat to drinkers.

Interestingly the system that the unnamed pub has introduced is one that worked very well in Holland where thousands of small bars and clubs did the same. Now of course with the mass civil disobedience the Dutch authorities have seen sense and changed the law.

But (Ref previous article) Britain is a law abiding society and we haven't seen similar mass silent protest here, so those few people who do flout the draconian anti-smoking legislation are low hanging fruit for the anti-terror police to target.

Of coursde the Council is unrepentant in this gross misuse of RIPA,
“We only use these powers when absolutely necessary," a council spokesman said.
Yeah right. Why not just walk in? No, pf course not, they silly numpkins just want to play Spooks and go all covert and smoke and dagger.

I bet some Council official sidled in there, bought a pint (on expense of course) and dropped his coin in the kitty, lit up a cigarette. Noting that the publican turned a blind eye to this outrageous insult to public decency, he twisted off the hot end and, in the style of tabloid writers everywhere, made his excuses and left.



JJ said...


I hope these douchebags left their jack-boots at the door before bursting in – after all we wouldn’t want to think they might be infected with second hand smoke – eh? I would also like to think though, that Nazi style interrogation techniques were used to the full – finished off with a thoroughly good gonad electrocution for the men…and for the ladies…a nice fruit based drink with ice…whilst undergoing nipple piercing.

In the meantime I shall be attending my local Gesundheit centre…where my mind will be conditioned to reflect society’s disgust for all tobacco products.

Learn this tune well.

Leg-iron said...

If they have to find this out by covert surveillance, it means something that they don't want publicised.

It means nobody has complained.

Anonymous said...

Just shows how the ban is not popular at all.
Nobody likes prod noses dictating to them.
Especially the council parasitic type.