Thursday, October 21, 2010

The MEP, his dentures and eavesdropping

Liberation yesterday ran a little story about accidental eavesdropping on interpreters, (my translation)
I didn't hear him”, “he has problems with his false teeth”: French interpreters of the European Parliament made fun Tuesday of an old British MEP, without knowing that their microphones were still on and that everyone could hear them. Whilst a French MEP Elisabeth Morin-Chartier, was talking about the fight against poverty, the French interpreters left their mikes on, so those still listening to the debate in French debate heard the translators private instead of the MEP. The transcript is over in a few seconds, it is a conversation between two male interpreters about the earlier speech by 77 year old Derek Clark.. “It was well.. Clark, there, this English…”, said one of the interpreters while laughing, before criticizing Mr. Clark's attendance. The interpreter says he has often translated at Group meetings of the very Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Demcracy Group, and Clark rarely attends.

“I'm often doing the EFD Group, and I never see him at meetings“. I couldn't hear him",

He was mumbling".

“He has a verbal tick",

“He has a problem with his dentures", continued the two jokers.
Derek has responded in kind,
Dear Sir,

The interpreters of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, no doubt bored senseless with the bureacratic drivel that they hear every day in the EP, recently entertained themselves with musing (caught on microphone) that I am an old man, a poor attender and have false teeth.(Liberation 20th Oct 2010- source AFP)

Well, two out of three ain't bad they say - I am one of the best attenders of all British MEPs according to recent Open Europe publication,(6th out of 77) I have all my own teeth, indeed eat apples all day to keep my young complexion. I admit that I am 77years of age, but my wife is still with me and think I've picked up a few good tricks in my time.

I hardly ever miss a Parliamentary meeting. I even have a special rate with my hotel since I do not need a vessel to keep my teeth in overnight; they do not come out! A good job too, or I would have had difficulty with the main course of lapin last evening.

I am only too ready to demonstrate to your reporters my effortless consumption of some French cuisine, which I always enjoy, but please don't keep me up too late.

Derek Clark MEP

European Parliament

Here he is

Can you understand him?

One hope that they will publish his response


Indeed they have

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