Thursday, October 28, 2010

I need a wall, a post, some twine, a cigarette and a blindfold

First I will find a wall with a post, any post will do, a lampost even, and any wall, but for tradition's sake why not a pock marked plaster one. I know there us a bit of the Berlin wall over on Place Luxembourg, that would be perfect.

Then I bind his hands around the post. Then after tying a blindfold over his eyes I will take ten steps back, and asummoning the largest crowd I can muster , after all this sort ofthing has to be done in public if at all, I will take aim and fire.

Afterwards I will smoke the cigarette myself as a reward. According to PA, Jerzy Buzek the Parliament's President told the European Council meeting,
"Policies must be translated into spending priorities. Today we are doing the opposite: we are creating policies without the financial resources to make them effective.

"We cannot continue to do more and more Europe for less and less euros."

"Instead of preparing the ground for Europe's economic recovery, member states seem to follow the logic of keeping their coffers closed due to fiscal constraints, but at the same time refusing (the right of) the EU to levy its own resources."
Talking about the European Parliament's moderation in budgetary matters,
"We want a moderate solution and can accept a moderate budget. We can and want to be your partners in finding European solutions."

But he told the summit: "By cutting the EU budget we are cutting faith in Europe."
We have no faith in Europe you blundering old autocrat, we have no desire to keep funding you or your senile old dreams. Once years agao you were one of the people I looked up to.

Today you are as bad as the rest. Go back to Poland, retire and try to remember who you once were. Today you are a waste of rations

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