Sunday, October 24, 2010

The hatred of the left

P.J. O'Rourke in fine form. Yes it is about America and their mid-terms but it applies equally well to Labour and to a frightening degree to the members of the current Government. Read it all.
They don’t just hate our Republican, conservative, libertarian, strict constructionist, family values guts. They hate everybody’s guts. And they hate everybody who has any. Democrats hate men, women, blacks, whites, Hispanics, gays, straights, the rich, the poor, and the middle class.
Democrats hate Democrats most of all. Witness the policies that Democrats have inflicted on their core constituencies, resulting in vile schools, lawless slums, economic stagnation, and social immobility. Democrats will do anything to make sure that Democratic voters stay helpless and hopeless enough to vote for Democrats.
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Anonymous said...

The Tories are now a party of the left also.

I am beginning to notice that there is a certain element in the UKIP set-up that joins in too readily with the LibLabCon construct of the false Left/Right paradigm on the side of the Tories when it should be rejecting it and them. I wonder if it is a harmless residual of the "UKIP as a Tory pressure-group" mentality, or whether there are still proper Tories with one foot in both camps who think that Cameron is an anomoly to be removed so that the lost children can return to the tribe; they wouldn't want to damage their beloved Conservative party too much, I am sure.

Gawain Towler said...

There are definitely those in the Tories who see people in that way. I regularly here people begging some of our better (particularly younger) members, with siren sounds such as those. I have only known it to work in a couple of instances.
Beasts of different stripe in a whole range of areas.
When it is tried on me I generally put the boot on the other foot. And there a a fair few that I have brought over.

Morningstar said...

Replace the Word "Democrats" with "Marxists" thoughout and you have a description of politics thoughout the 'Western' world !

just because you have 3 parties doesn't mean they aren't all the same !