Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another crack in the edifice

The news that respected Prof, Harold Lewis is joining Benny Peiser's organisation is very good news,
Professor Harold Lewis, 87, described his “revulsion” at last year’s leaked “Climategate” emails which appeared to show scientists at East Anglia’s world-leading Climate Research Unit rigging evidence in favour of man-made climate change.

Slowly, slowly people are beggining to wake up to what is going on out there, as the so called consensus begins to fall apart.
Prof Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has formally resigned from the American Physical Society after nearly 70 years as a member.
He claims that the APS, the society for America’s top physicists, has refused to engage in proper scientific debate about climate change and ignored climate sceptics.
At present it is mostly thjose at the end of their careers, thiose wioth nothing left to prove or gain. Thjose still in the system are too frightened about the loss of grants and acess to journals, but the day is coming, it is coming

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Anonymous said...

Old Holborn quotes the resignation letter in full. Well worth reading, in fact why not print it out and ask your children to take it to school to ask "teach" if it's true. That may be worth a few laughs (while your child is expelled for spreading lies).