Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Strange death of Cameron's Euroskepticism

Iain Martin's piece in the WSJ deserves some notice. I cannot find any commentary on it, even on the formerly lively Conservative Home, but his analysis is worth reading,

Some key points include,

Almost unnoticed, his (Cameron's) MPs have voted for a list of measures that would a few years ago have triggered full-scale Tory war. There was the expansion of justice and home-affairs powers, involving the extension of the so-called European arrest warrant. The European External Action Service—or EU diplomatic service—was nodded through. New regulations for the City of London require the establishment of three pan-European supervisory bodies. This was accepted by the Treasury and if there were protests from the Conservative benches they didn't make much noise. A higher budget for the EU has also been approved.

All sadly too true. He also punctures the myth of William Hague, you know the one where he is the strong Eurosceptic at the top table,

He is aided by having William Hague at the Foreign Office. One of the most enduring myths of public life in Britain is that of Mr. Hague as Euroskeptic. He was once so minded, when he lost the 2001 election heavily pledging to "Save the Pound." Since then he has kept the reputation while moving steadily onto mainstream establishment territory. As a fellow Conservative puts it: "William has a couple of years ahead of him doing an agreeable job, and then a lifetime of book signings and profitable speech-making afterwards. He's not going to do anything confrontational that puts all that at risk."
I cannot remember the Times that Tory friends and aquaintances have told me how the Tories were the best bet for Eurosceptics. That they would defend our interests. So please can somebody please explain to me how this could be true? After all this is 'The most Eurosceptic Prime Minister we have ever had". "The back benches are all Eurosceptics", or so I am told.




Could any of you explain to me why anybody should trust you on anything of importance, when you have dissembled so badly on this?

Update, and thanks to the Witterer I note that Helen has posted in her normal knowing way about the article, as ahs the Witterer himself.

Helen is a little more sanguine than I.
Nor do I exactly agree with Mr Martin that the scene is tranquil and everything
in the garden is coming out roses because the old Tory civil wars over the EU
have died. Mr Martin does not seem to realize that those promises of strong
euroscepticism and standing up for Britain's interests that he and his media
colleagues produced before the election are likely to backfire as supporters of
the party (not exactly an overwhelmingly large proportion of the population) and
people who are a little bemused as to why politicians keep not being able to see
the problems turn on Cameron.


Anonymous said...

The Tories are clearly EU Barons - taking the power and prestige of regional power given them by the EU kings (Commission and Presidents) in return for the assets and wealth of the Britons.

They truly are a bunch of criminals and when this is all over and we have our country back, I want to see them up on charges of robbery, fraudulance, treason - whatever there is that applies.

Anoneumouse said...

Davidovich Cameron
Trotsky Party

Witterings From Witney said...

GT, try Helen over at Your Freedom and Ours........

Oh and I had a word or two to say.....