Monday, September 27, 2010

Kenya's Farmers reject EU deal

The Nairobi Standard is reporting that demos are taking place against the imposition of the EU's regional partnership deal as they fear it will drive them out of business.
Hellen Yego, who was among the protesting farmers, said if the agreement is signed, European States would have undue advantages over local farmers.

She said the pact would attract more imports than exports since farmers in EU have better incentives and their products would be cheaper than those from the Eastern African States.

We will be disadvantaged

"Farmers in European countries are offered subsidies by their governments. It is not the same for us. We will be disadvantaged," she said, adding the move would kill small-scale industries and loss of jobs.
The farmers are being back by the Kenya National Human Rights Commission who claim that,
the Government should not bow into signing the agreement as an inducement to gain more funding from the EU
And the old saw about money from the poor in rich counries going to the rich in poor countries seems to continue to be true.

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