Sunday, September 26, 2010

EU rules to increase costs of travels to Ireland

Oh that single market - why does it always round costs up?

THE cost of taking a flight both within Ireland and to a range of UK cities is set to increase by €8 per ticket.

The Sunday Independent has learned that the EU Commission issued a formal notice on March 18, informing the Government that its controversial Air Travel Tax (ATT) is being applied illegally.


Anonymous said...

No surprise
How about this one.
The UKGov(HMRC) and the British Tobacco Companies are colluding to restrict the distributon and retailing of British brands in Belgium. This is contrary to all EU trade laws and yet the EU Commisssion is suddenly silent
British Companies can get cheap labour from the EU but the citizen is restricted.
Something stinks.

The Free Corps

Anonymous said...

Good ,then the Belgians who smoke British brands will wonder why they have been taken off the shelves.
More people twig what's going on.
Good .
Well in the long term anyhow
Smokers are waking up to what's happening to them.
The number grows daily.