Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Fascinating little tale from Palestine, where we learn that the EU is funding the training of Crime Scene Investigators.
This training program has been tailored-made for 36 police officers in comprehensive crime scene investigation consisting of the processing of crime scenes, the collection of forensic evidence, the handling of forensic evidence and the use of chemicals.
Which is all very good, but I wonder if the good chaps at EUROPOL central are aware that the Palestinians still have the death penalty, used most for the crime of 'assisting the Isrealis'.
Interestingly the only time that there has been no death penalty in the Palestinian Territories is when they were under Israeli control.

So oh sandal wearing types of the bleeding heart complexion, are you prepared to complain about assisting the Palestinian police in their enquiries which could well lead to more people on death row?

No of course not, your ire is directed at the US and the nasty Jews, whereas the poor benighted Palestinians can do no wrong.

Ruddy hypocrites

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